Tidings of Grace Ministries

156 Lincoln Road, Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada, A2A 1P5


Our ministry's mission is to promote the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The ministry is passionate in its efforts to teach and preach the Word. We minister God's healing power to those in need of healing and deliverance. People receive healing and restoration and experience God's goodness and God's grace. Our ministry operates in signs and wonders and in the demonstration of God's power. Our faith based outreach provides bursaries for Bible School students in training as well as funds for missionaries, evangelists and pastors serving in Peru, Israel and other countries of the world. The ministry is also committed to financially assisting orphans and widows of pastors who have been killed as well as those families who have pastors imprisoned in persecuted countries. We are here to minister to those in need.

Rev. Grace Vokey is the founder and president of Tidings of Grace Ministries Inc., a ministry which preaches and teaches God's Word and supports Canadian Bible School students training abroad as well as supporting missionaries and pastors in Peru, Israel and other Asian countries.
As an itinerant minister Rev. Grace preaches the Word to independent and denominational churches in Newfoundland, Canada. She serves on the Exploits Valley Ecumenical Ministerial Board with pastors and other ministers who assist in promoting the gospel in community events, praise festivals, prayer events, and gospel concerts. Along with teaching faith at a Ladies Weekly Prayer Watch, she also ministers Music to those involved in worship in their church.

The ministry is honored to have the following directors as part of the team who serve faithfully in promoting the ministry's vision: Rev. Grace Vokey, Evelina Stroud, Ruth Porter, Floyd Easterman, and Vera Oldford.

The ministry is pleased to honor the following members who are dedicated in serving the needs of the ministry: Prayer Coordinators Vera Oldford and Ruth Porter, and Editorial Consultant, Charles Trenholm.

Newsletters are free to those who are interested in learning God's Word and are available upon request.

Prayer cloths are free to those in need of healing. These cloths have been anointed and prayed over so that candidates will come to experience God's healing power in their bodies. Available with these prayer cloths is a teaching letter which explains the healing process.

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