Tidings of Grace Ministries

156 Lincoln Road, Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada, A2A 1P5


Taxable Exemption Updates

1. Tidings of Grace Ministries, Inc. (U.S.) received the U.S. Certificate of Incorporation in October, 2010 and U.S. contributors and donors are now able to receive tax deductible contributions.

2. Tidings of Grace Ministries, Inc. (Canada) received tax exempt status from the Canadian government as a religious charity in June 2009. Partners and friends who financially support the ministry in Canada and in the U.S. will receive their official receipts once a year for their contributions.

Ministry Volunteers - CAN
Evelina Stroud is currently a director on the board of Tidings of Grace Ministries. She serves as secretary on the board and she is involved with evangelistic work as well.

Ruth Porter
is presently the prayer coordinator with Tidings of Grace Ministries (Canada). She serves on the ministry's board of directors and is a choir member with the Evangel Pent. Tabernacle Church and the current prayer director for the morning prayer group.

Ministry Volunteers - US
Vera Oldford is a trustee and secretary on the board of Tidings of Grace Ministries (U.S.) as well as the prayer coordinator for the ministry. She is a participant in a bible study at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church as well as at a weekly home Bible Study. Vera is currently the co-administrator for a bible study at the Evangel Pent. Tabernacle Church. Vera serves as a church representative for the Canadian Bible Society. She and her husband also serve as ushers in her church.


Weekly Prayer Meeting & Bible Teaching
Thursdays 9:00 A.M., Grand Falls-Windsor Evangel Pent. Tabernacle Church.

"The morning begins with worship and prayer followed by the Word being ministered and demonstrated to build faith in the hearts of the people. After the teaching of the Word, there is a time for intercession in prayer for leaders, nations missions revival and outreach. This time is set aside to those in the community who would like to attend."

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