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Please join us in supporting the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by donating to a Bursary in helping Canadian Bible School students who are studying in the U.S. as well as giving to missionaries, widows and orphans  who are in need.  Should you like to donate to this ministry, please send your contributions to the Tidings of Grace Ministries at the following postal mailing address:

Rev. Grace Vokey
Tidings of Grace Ministries
156 Lincoln Road, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Canada A2A 1 P5
Or, by donating directly through a secure online payment service called PayPal. PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

Bible School Students Needs

Before enrolling in the U.S. Rhema Bible School, Canadian students are required by Rhema to have $16,000  each year in their bank account before attending school to cover tuition rent, food, etc. for the full year before enrolling in classes. Canadian students are not allowed to work in the U.S. while attending Bible School. To receive their diplomas, students must attend for two and three year programmes.

Many students are in desperate need of financial  sponsors and contributors. Your prayers 
and donations are deeply appreciated and all contributions marked for the students will be used for the purpose of the bursary fund.

Bursaries are provided for Canadian students enrolled at the Rhema Bible Training School in the U.S. - a two or three year diploma programme to prepare students for the ministry in becoming pastors, evangelists, missionaries, church leaders, musicians and other support members. If you are interested in attending the Rhema Bible Training Centre please see the following link website: www.rhema.org and click on the word "Education" in the headings at the top of the website. To qualify for the Canadian bursary, students must be enrolled in Bible school either in their second or third year and attending school at the time that the bursary is being offered.

Student Bursary Application Form
Bursary application forms can be printed online in PDF format by clicking on the following Student Application Form link.

Pastor Recommendation Form
Students must also submit the following Pastor's Recommendation Form by notifying the pastor by email to complete the recommendation form or by mailing this form to their pastor in Canada. The pastor will then be required to complete the form and send it to the Tidings of Grace Ministries office.

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